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At Deanna Burks Design, we are about making things beautiful. From the everyday to special moments in life. Everything we do is about creating or celebrating beauty. Life is beautiful and we believe that every moment of it should be enjoyed. 


Floral & Wedding Design


Deanna Burks Design is a fine art floral and design company founded by award-winning designer Deanna Burks. 

We are a design-oriented company. Our specialty is floral design. We create florals for all types of occasions. 

Our Services

Fine Art Floral Design
Creative Direction & Design
Comprehensive Wedding Design
Corporate Events
Gifts & Goods Curating



Our Studio


Our floral and design studio features a specialty gift shop filled with highly curated gifts, apothecary, furnishings and sundries. The studio doubles as a small event venue as well. 

Located at 760 E Main St, my design studio is a flower bar, a gift shop, and an occasional event space. It’s a place where everyone is welcome. It’s the best sundries, necessities, and curiosities chosen with care. It’s fancy dinners, showers, workshops and business meetings in an unpretentious setting. It’s making beautiful things and creating special moments that make people smile. It’s art, and exploring, and playing. It’s all of our neighborhood friends who stop by to sit on the sofa and laugh and talk. It’s hardworking people who work long hours to do the thing they love...


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